The Ashraya Project

Ashraya is an organization based in India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects.

Our focus with this project will be to come to the aid of the many Indian children who need us today through the sponsorship of basic needs items as well as study programs. By participating in The ASHRAYA PROJECT, you too may help to provide food for a day or even a week, a pair of shoes, or clothing.
It is our hope that through our donations, we are able to help fund the education for as many children as possible. This, we believe, is a worthwhile cause.


• Thu. May 3rd: Opening to Bloggers and Press

• Sat. May 5th:
10.00 am SLT: Fashion Show featuring exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair
12.00 pm SLT:  Interview to Virginia Lupindo “How Ashraya changed my life”
12.30 pm SLT: Celebration Party with Djs
6.00 pm SLT: Fashion Show featuring exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair

• Sun. May 6th: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Fashion Fair

• Sun. May 13th, 11.00 pm SLT: Ga-Go SL Ver. Concert

• Fri. May 18th, 2.00 pm SLT: Mankind Tracer Concert

• Mon. May 28th, 12.00 pm SLT: Official Opening of the Art Expo

• Mon. June 4th, 12.00 pm SLT: Closing Party and Auctions

For more information, please visit the following sites:

The Ashraya Project


Neelbagh Rural Residential School